Wishing for Aliens

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

End of Days

Lo and behold, the world is coming to an end. How else would you explain the cataclysmic fall of one of the (un)holy trinity? Yup, Rummy's out and he's down for the count, a mere day after the Democrats swept the election. Not only that, he's now facing a determined group of international lawyers tryin to get him indicted on war crimes!

Personally, I'd like to take this opportunity to volunteer for Rummy's delousing. Though I'm not sure whether I would be sparing him or the lice living off his brimstone-tipped blood.

On the negative side though, it seems to be a case of textbook scapegoating executed to perfection. Already the democrats have pulled off their own "it wasn't me" act, blaming Dubya and the Neocons for the monumental blunder in Iraq. They of course chose to conveniently ignore the fact that they voted, overwhelmingly, for this war. Sure, with the GOP in control of both houses of Congress back then and their dissent, had they voiced it, wouldn't have mattered. But, if only as a guesture, they should have stated the obvious from the get go. Neither Iraq or Saddam were related to the war on terror. Besides, whoever heard of democracy at the point of a gun?

So, mark my words now: In a few years, perhaps even months, blame will be shifted, dodged and thrown around until basically no one is held responsible for one of the greatest acts of terrorism ever.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Liberals Grow Balls!

I had grown accustomed to the usual 'pinkie commie liberal tree-hugging pacifists' tentatively pussy-futting around the issues. Meanwhile, the likes of O'Reilly and Coulter attacked everything within their site that did not agree 100% with their point of view. It was thus quite a bit of a surprise to run into this show on MSNBC. I actually first saw Keith Olberman on YouTube, my new unfiltered source for news, as he delivered a scathing diatribe on the anniversery of 9/11.

Well, let me just say, it's about bloody time!

Even the ever diplomatic Bill Clinton got in Chris Wallace' face to set the record straight after the latter did his part in an underhanded smear campaign. So complete was his anihilation of the fabrication that Fox News naively attempted to have all copies of the interview pulled from YouTube citing copyright laws. (note the misleading video label) Sorry guys, not even your security guys can do anything about the Internet despite what O'Reilly may think. Keith Olberman followed up to make sure to expound on that shameful attempt to shift blame and delivered in style.

Even the ever-vigilant Jon Stewart, a pioneer in questioning Bush doctrine and catching them in their lies, never really rose to the occasion, diluting his attacks with levity. In the words of Keith though, "Our tone should be crazed!"

Saturday, September 09, 2006

OOOOH... Shiny!

Less than a month since Lebanon was brutally raped by Israel and we've already moved past not only that story but even the John Mark Karr sham that displaced it is now old hat. The world seems to have the attention span of a gopher. Yes, sure, a lot of people are still engaged in the aftermath, whether it be the mammoth rebuilding effort or shoring up the fragile ceasefire. But what about the general public outside of that small God Forsaken scrap of land? Are they so happy with a job well done that they've decided to move on to more pressing issues? Without glaring public attention one can only wonder at what will transpire over the next few years.

Maybe that's what's wrong with us today, no follow-through. As any golfer will tell you, follow-through is everything. Even the arguably lame policy of containment used against big bad Communism eventually worked. The bottom line is that perseverance pays. Unfortunately, it is usually the exception rather than the rule. Politicians are all too aware of this fact, hence the "wag the dog" premise. A cheap parlour trick of glorified misdirection which we all fall for like clockwork.

If you don't believe me check the blogosphere. Apart from isolated niches where the focus is and always has been the Middle East, you will now rarely encounter any fresh discussions about the travesty that transpired in plain view of the entire world. What is perhaps most alarming about it though is that a people who have experienced the holocaust are so willing to perpetrate similar criminality on others. Apparently the only thing Zionists learned from the former was that it was better to be on the dishing rather than the receiving end.